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Warehousing and MEAD

Consolidate all activities on our platforms : multimodal transport - logistics service - bonded storage - advanced stock of raw materials - stock management - national delivery - transit international import and export, i.e. effective management of your entire chain logistics.

Our know-how lies in the ability to offer you tailor-made logistics organizations that perfectly meet all of your specific needs.
Our teams put all their skills and energy into helping you find the best solutions and supporting you over the long term.

Currently, CCCM has  


Tangier Platform: 

The Tangier logistics platform will have the following objectives: to connect to global logistics flows, to be at the service of national and international operators.
The Tangier platform will provide storage near the free zone, with a total area of 10,400 m2 including 3,818 m2 dedicated to storage.


Tit Melil platform:  


With a total area of 26,884 m2 and a storage area of 11,000 m2, the Casablanca platform has been designed to meet the need for outsourcing of the supply chain  of our customers and partners .
With connectivity to road infrastructure and proximity to the industrial and logistics areas of Greater Casablanca, the Tit Mellil platform will meet the growing needs of the sector.


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